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Please contact us for the latest updates on class schedules!

Cute Baby Crawling

Level 1

Ages 0-24 months

Our Level 1classes offer a sensory-rich yet caring, gentle environment where infants & young toddlers can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, objects, and movements!


  • Listening to and experiencing songs and rhymes

  • Back-and-forth vocal plays and other parent-child interactions that build neural pathways in a baby’s developing brain

  • Exploring baby-safe instruments and other object play

  • Baby-caregiver bonding exercises, including story time, massage, and relaxation activities


  • Increased balance and control over movements and strengthened core muscles

  • Ability to embrace both familiar and unfamiliar social experiences

  • Development of listening and communication skills

  • Introduction to a variety of spoken sounds and rhythms that will support language and literacy development


   Thursdays, 10:00-10:45am

   South Asheville Studios (830 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC)

 Please contact us for updates on class schedules!

Mixed Ages

Ages 0-5

Sometimes, the best learning happens when we’re all together. Mixed age classes allow families with siblings, friend groups, and anyone who’s drawn to the time slot to attend. Educators accommodate powerful and enjoyable music and movement activities for all stages of development, so that everyone is comfortable, engaged, and learning!


  • Exploring movement concepts and participating in musical interactions with objects and others

  • Discovering different ways instruments can make sounds and experiencing a wide range of musical concepts

  • Identifying and vocally imitating sounds and learning to describe them

  • Learning to associate a picture with a sound

  • Singing songs with language patterns that explore rhythm, speech sounds, syntax, and rhyme


  • Increased alertness, self-control, and ability to regulate their own movements

  • Stabilization of muscles necessary for healthy posture and overall balance

  • Improved coordination and locomotor skills, fine motor skills, and finger and hand strength

  • Strengthened ability to memorize, sequence, and predict patterns

  • Development of early pre-literacy and number skills


   Wednesdays, 9:00-9:45am

   West Asheville Studios (40 Westgate Pkwy, Asheville, NC)


Starting April 9th, 2024: 

  Tuesdays, 5:30-6:15pm

  West Asheville Studios (40 Westgate Pkwy, Asheville, NC)

Please contact us for updates on class schedules!


Level 3

Ages 3-4

Level 3 classes are designed to engage preschoolers’ natural love of music and activate their imaginations, while developing their growing language and social-emotional skills.


  • Experiencing a variety of sounds and learning how sounds are produced by playing musical instruments, speaking or singing

  • Playing instruments with an emphasis on steady beat, repeated rhythm patterns, graphic notation, and ensemble music

  • Ensemble Development, an activity that builds the skills preschoolers need in order to create music within a group

  • Engaging in creative expression and language play, expressing feelings and ideas through movement and music

  • Pre-reading music and learning to interpret graphic notation symbols, a precursor to learning traditional music symbols


  • Increased attention and focus; growing ability to memorize and recall

  • Growing ability to detect patterns, nuances, and timbre in sounds, a critical skill for music and language development

  • Experience waiting patiently, taking turns, working cooperatively in a group and communicating effectively and respectfully

  • Wider vocabulary and knowledge of story structures; critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Learning how to decode and interpret symbols, skills necessary for reading, math, and music


Wednesdays, 4:45-5:30pm

West Asheville Studios (40 Westgate Pkwy, Asheville, NC)

Please contact us for updates on class schedules!

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